(Photo courtesy of Christopher Smith for the New York Times)

The Some Guy’s Backyard Team

Zach Brough

Zach has lived on the Brough Creek National property since he was born. Known as the BCN Superintendent, Zach manages the property and all equipment day to day.

Ben Hotaling

Ben is the golf sicko of the group and de facto architect of Brough Creek National. Ben has spent many days and nights trying to convince the group that this whole thing is a good idea!

Evan Bissell

Evan is a father, Data Architect and wood worker by day and a BCN Swiss army knife by night. Evan has helped immensely with all things technology, content generation and dreaming big.

Mark Robinson

Mark is the resident musician and all-around good time in the group. He was a strong supporter of the vision and brings a unique look on life every day for the crew.