In order to build Brough Creek National, we need an absolute minimum of $3,500 in goods and tools (labor is on us!). The goal is to raise $10,000 allowing for better conditions and design elements. We have broken it down to four core focus areas – Turf, Bunkers, Tools and Equipment, and Course Hardware.


Anything that goes into the development and management of the turf grasses. This includes products like grass seed, sprinklers, fertilizers, and erosion netting. This is by far the most expensive and critical piece to the puzzle. Check out the top needs in the Turf category here.


All goods that go into building lasting bunkers. 5 tons of local Brick Sand included! Check out the top needs in the Bunker category here.

Tools and Equipment:

The most volatile of categories, this includes all the tools and equipment we will need (and don’t already have) to establish and maintain good playing conditions. We have researched and selected the most cost effective items possible for this category. Depending on the equipment, this category could be 10X the full estimated cost of building BCN! Check out the top needs in the Tools and Equipment category here.

Course Hardware:

The decorations. This category encompasses all the fixin’s to make the golf course look like a golf course. Cups, pins, and flags. Check out the top needs in the Course Hardware category here.


We need a little breathing room just in case we screw something up!

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