Brough Creek National is a 7-hole short course designed and built by the team at Some Guy’s Backyard. The course was funded by members of the BCN community from all around the world. Holes range from 55 to 130 yards (changing daily) and have unique course conditions. The name comes from Zach Brough’s (BCN Superintendent) family who has lived on this property since the mid 80’s. The creek that runs through the property defines the golf course and has since been named “Brough Creek”. The “National” is because we like to make fun of golf courses that take themselves way too seriously.


Hole #1: Brough Start

This hole was named during a Twitter contest. This hole was discovered late in the build process and has come to be one of the most fun holes on property. The tee sits 25 feet above the green and requires a low wedge to the shared 1 and 7 green.


Hole #2 – Road

This hole was designed with the Road Hole at St. Andrews in mind. Why? Well – there is a road that sits behind the green.

Hole #3 – Ann

Named after Zach’s mother, the 3rd hole sits right over the creek and on this perfect, natural green site.

Hole #4 – Biarritz Punch Bowl Pandemonium

The 4th is an ode to template holes. The green is the star providing two tiers and a massive back slope to feed any shots beyond the pin down towards the cup.

Hole #5 – Beer Break

One of the more challenging holes at BCN. The 5th green is severely contorted and resembles a helix with a high front right and high back left. Distance control has to be perfect as being long is an impossible up and down and short leave you in the creek.

Hole #6 – Cottonwood Redan

Easily the most devilish hole on property, the uphill 6th requires a precise wedge to the biggest green on property. There is a kicker mid-way through the green that will bring your ball to the left side of the green like a Redan would.

Hole #7 – Icarito

Named after No Laying Up’s Neil Schuster, the finishing hole loops you back around to the shared 1 and 7 green. This downhill shots is one of the longer ones and asks you to use the slope on the left to feed your ball into the middle of the green.


Watch the course fly through here