Knocked out some not-so-sexy parts of this journey – mainly burning limbs/tree trunks and beginning to clear the field of debris. Did have the opportunity to take out 5 more trees opening up another green area and two new teeing areas. As of now, we have opened up seven teeing areas and two greens (with four distinct pin-able locations). Here is a look at the aftermath of the initial burn (started Friday night. Picture taken
Long, hot weekend in the Midwest. Got a lot of work done and have officially opened up the now dubbed “Golden Bell” hole. Still lots of clean up left, but hopefully can give better visuals of the property. Close up view from teeing area (roughly 85 yard shot) A few of “Brough Creek” and the green area: View from the green – still lots of work to do to get into playing shape:
Another update: Augusta #12 replica hole is officially on the table. Hopefully this gives a better idea of the #scale of the property. Working on revealing the creek and elevation changes where the tree line is now.
Wanted to post a quick update on this. Got the tree removal process underway this week (Andy would be proud). This will be quite the fire. Went with a Road Hole style bunker for the green closest to the road. Seemed to work best with the space and allowed for two unique green areas. Also being deeper, should help with keeping the sand in one place. It is full sized and totally playable. Though not
In process of designing a backyard wedge range/course. Would love the communities input on how to make it the most fun 3-acres possible. Was thinking about creating a 10-hole course with two flags on the green for variety – will share my ideas at the bottom. Having never done this before, very open to hearing any ideas on the design, concept, or simply what would make it most fun. Keep in mind, we have a