Things are happening, folks. We spent all of Sunday out at BCN. We accomplished some critical tasks with 30 hours spent. First thing of note. The grass we planted 2 weeks back is starting to pop. More seed is popping every day. We had our buddy Rob Lippold out to help. He got down another layer of seed along the ridge and other bare spots. More importantly, he brought us some Don Antonio’s at lunch
I was lucky enough to shake off the winter blues and come out to get a peek at Brough Creek National over the past weekend. Ben and I had been attempting to coordinate a drop off of some bunker liner (previously purposed as flower bed weed control), but Mother Nature had been interfering with those plans. Happily, I was able to not only deliver the parts, but hang around help with some landscape maintenance as
Great weekend out at BCN. Logged 27 hours of work. Kicked off the weekend on Thursday with the big guns: Worked a little more on the bridge but mostly did some grading to fix the ruts that were made when the bridge was built initially. Picked out a few hardwoods for milling as well. Slowly but surely, we are getting the entire property raked. Worked on the area between 2 fairway and 3 green. Before:
We have officially made it beyond phase one. Tree removal is officially complete. Entering phase 2, raking and stick pick up, we logged 16 hours of unrewarding work. We were lucky enough to have local member, Parker Corrin, come out and help on Saturday. Started out tearing apart a few downed trees: Took down the last tree protecting the uphill Redan hole #6. This hole is going to be so fun: Stayed at the Redan hole
By Rob Lippold Member #215  @Rocco1088 To piggyback on the previous update, I wanted to share my experience with the crew. As mentioned, I finally got out to BCN yesterday, and what a time for the first visit. The Boys of Brough Creek (band name trademark pending) had the tree clearing to a point where we were able to play all 7 holes for the first time. You know, typing that out, and considering how
We are so back… Had the saws running and logged 17 hours out at BCN this weekend. There is only 1 tree now standing in the way of being completely open and clear. We finished clearing 7 tee on Sunday. This is what we were looking at before the weekend: And now: Golf shots were hit. Confirmed – it’s a fun shot. Did a lot of picking up sticks and clearing low hanging brush. Can