August 14, 2019 is a day I won’t soon forget. I knew that it was going to be a significant day, but didn’t realize how monumental of a day it would become. This was my first time visiting BCN, even with living some 30 minutes from the property. I had looked forward to this day for a long time ever since first hearing about the golf course back in January. On the drive from my
What a weekend. The sun was shinning. It was hot. It was dry and we now have a playable golf course with cups in the ground. How ignorant we were at 11:00AM Saturday morning. Here we were talking about the plan of action. Simply wanted to till the greens and tees a few times and flatten the dirt. Nothing crazy. Ignorance is bliss, folks: We started on the Biarritz. It needed a full refresh. Here
What a weekend. Eventful is an understatement. All started Saturday 7AM sharp. We knew that we only had a small window Saturday morning to dodge the weather and still get a sizable amount of work in before we all went to a Bachelor party that evening. We needed to get the 5th green shaped in, so the whole squad was out moving dirt with Zach piloting his new tractor. Here is the green site we
This week, we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Armchair Architect thread. 1 year and 3.1K posts later, Brough Creek National is rounding into form. To think it all started out with a 2 green wedge range concept is crazy. It was a wet one in Kansas City this weekend. After a slow start on Saturday, we got after it and knocked out some maintenance tasks. I weed waked both sides of the creek.
Things are happening, folks. We spent all of Sunday out at BCN. We accomplished some critical tasks with 30 hours spent. First thing of note. The grass we planted 2 weeks back is starting to pop. More seed is popping every day. We had our buddy Rob Lippold out to help. He got down another layer of seed along the ridge and other bare spots. More importantly, he brought us some Don Antonio’s at lunch
I was lucky enough to shake off the winter blues and come out to get a peek at Brough Creek National over the past weekend. Ben and I had been attempting to coordinate a drop off of some bunker liner (previously purposed as flower bed weed control), but Mother Nature had been interfering with those plans. Happily, I was able to not only deliver the parts, but hang around help with some landscape maintenance as