Some Guy’s Backyard is a group of friends theory on what golf and a good time can look like. Over the last three years, Some Guy’s Backyard has changed from a state of mind to a physical golf course located in Kansas City, KS in, you guessed it, Zach Brough’s Backyard.

*From left to right Mark Robinson, Evan Bissell, Ben Hotaling, Zach Brough (Courtesy of Christopher Smith and The Golfer’s Journal)

The transformation of Zach’s property started in the Summer of 2018 and completed the spring of 2020. With the help of Brough Creek National members from across the globe and many hours of physical labor, BCN is now a fully functioning 7-hole short course.



(*Photo courtesy of Christopher Smith)

With over 5,000 members globally, the Some Guy’s Backyard team has shifted their focus to providing an opportunity for those to play Brough Creek National and see why we think this is such a fun way to experience golf and friendship. Charitable outings and providing a place to play for young folks and newcomers to the game, the future of BCN and Some Guy’s Backyard is making an impact within the game and in the communities impacted.