Build Blog – February 24, 2020

Top of the morning to ya!

Had a fantastic day of work on Saturday with the help of Travis, Rob, Christian and Jeff.

First things first was the trees framing the 5th green. We thought we had a good plan to take em down, but after further studying the trees, we made a decision to drop the tree backwards into the neighbors yard. Thank goodness he was cool with it.

Next up was the tree nearer the tee box on the left side of the green. Again, thought we had a plan for it previously but found the weight wasn’t necessarily where we thought we could drop it. Theme for the day no doubt.


Very happy with the outcome. Will be significantly more sunlight during the summer when the sun is high in the sky. Not to mention the added benefit of no more crap falling off the trees onto the green:

You can see those logs that are left over. Those will be turned into our new equipment bridge. Excited for the rustic, minimalist look of the bridge. #reuseandrecycle

Next up was the monster sitting on the south side of 6 green. We trucked up there and realized we needed to be more considerate of this one then initially planned. Again, luckily the neighbor is cool with us. He came up with his wife and moved their boat and trailer to give us the necessary room to drop this monster and avoid the green entirely.

Stoked for this video as Mark was right in landing zone where it exploded.

This tree coming out had a big and immediate impact on the sun and airflow to 6 green. No more waiting for the dew to burn off mid day. 6 green will now get first morning sun through mid day and again in the afternoon.

Lastly, we got over to 1 tee box and worked on trimming the trees up to allow more sunlight to get to the tee box. It isn’t perfect yet and will need to find a solution to help get sunlight to 1 tee. It gets dark back there with leaves on the trees.

So what is next? Honestly, this work was huge for us. It was the biggest project we had this year and will have a long term impact on BCN. Next up is pulling the culverts out of the creek. We cannot have backup this year with 3 green planted. We will rent a skid steer and get the bridge in place here in a week or two – spring is upon us, so we need to move quickly. Once that is done, we can start focusing on the turf again. Thinking we will pull plugs on the non green area one day this spring to help the soil there. Then we will lay fertilizer and be ready to start managing the day to day growth of the place.

Things are happening and we were really enjoying being back out there. Thanks to everyone that came to help. You made it a lot easier for everyone.

Feels great to be back!

  • Ben SGB

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