Build Blog – May 20, 2019

What a weekend. Eventful is an understatement.

All started Saturday 7AM sharp. We knew that we only had a small window Saturday morning to dodge the weather and still get a sizable amount of work in before we all went to a Bachelor party that evening.

We needed to get the 5th green shaped in, so the whole squad was out moving dirt with Zach piloting his new tractor.

Here is the green site we started with:

While the first dozen truck loads were being slowly hauled across the property, I was busy giving the ridge a nice trim job. Crazy how quick the weeds popped up:

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Then the storms came. We had golf ball sized hail and an absolute downpour for about 15 minutes.

Back out we went now on a really wet BCN. Trucked dirt for hours – estimate 22 tons was slowly moved from the pile behind the 4th green to the 5th green 100 yards away. Nearly finished before the storms bucked their head again. The 5th green is nearly fully shaped in now:

Then it happened. The hardest rain I’ve ever seen.

All is well, right? No spillage. No harm. We are GOOD!


Nowhere to point the finger besides at ourselves. We did something really dumb back last fall. The creek is generally dry and we thought we could just burn right in the creek and the spring storms would wash the ash right away. Unfortunately, we had some fall rain that was enough to keep the creek flowing and the pile of sticks soaked. We could never burn them and couldn’t fish them out either. Well, this rain was strong enough to break the pile loose and bring it all the way down to the bridge where it clogged and made for a very efficient dam. Once the bridge was blocked, there was absolutely nothing we could do to fix it. Only time and a bit of luck would help us.

Luckily, we did not receive any more rain that evening. We all went out and had a blast at the Bachelor party despite the anxiety of what was awaiting the following day.

Here is the aftermath Sunday morning:

Can see how much debris got pushed down.


Look at the water level, though. This is the perk of having a run off creek – once the water level stabilizes, the creek level goes back to normal. Luckily, there was very minimal damage to the 3rd green site. A little wet, but not much harm.

What a time to get this bucket. No time to rest with more storms on the way, so Zach mounted his steed and got to work clearing the blockage:


Most of it has been removed. Creek is nice and clear now too so there is some bright side.

Zach and Evan were feeling it and enjoying messing with the tractor, so they moved on to the bunker for the 7th hole, Icarito.

Bucket is major clutch as I thought we were digging this by hand like we did for the Road Hole bunker.

The biggest thing for BCN is ease of maintenance. We have used a lot of the the dirt from the bunker to build up a bit of a ridge to help water navigate away from the bunker. Last thing we need is a washed out bunker every time it rains.


Plenty of room between the bunker and green to land your ball on the slope and get the mega kick to the center of the green. Very deceiving.


The dudes did this all without me, so I’m gunna pop out today and see how much they messed it up. Will report back :joy:.

Ended the weekend with a nice walk around the local par 3 track with my lady. Made an ace on the 3rd hole – 69 yards no less. #Nice.

Next two weekends are huge. Half the sod is supposed to come this Friday if the weather holds up. Lots of prep work to do before then, so we will be busy. Hope for some nice weather for us.


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