Build Blog – May 6, 2019

Things are happening, folks.

We spent all of Sunday out at BCN. We accomplished some critical tasks with 30 hours spent.

First thing of note. The grass we planted 2 weeks back is starting to pop.

More seed is popping every day. We had our buddy Rob Lippold out to help. He got down another layer of seed along the ridge and other bare spots. More importantly, he brought us some Don Antonio’s at lunch time. Those taco’s really kicked the day in high gear for. Thanks again, Rob.

While we were laying seed, Zach got to tilling up the green complexes. We started on the second green.

Tilling is critical for us at this stage. To put the best foot forward, we need a nice soil surface to lay the Zoysia sod down on. This means we need to get rid of all the established turf to get down to soil. A major benefit is a deep aeration of the soil. Breaking it up breaths air into the soil and will be a better surface to establish new turf on.

Next up was the 3,100 sq ft 6th green. Zach gave it the full treatment. Great soil up there.

Our buddy Jeff arrived with the skid steer in the mean time. Was time to work on moving some dirt.

We purchased 12 yards of soil for the Biarritz Punch Bowl, 4th green. This is a mix of top soil, compost and sand. It obviously was not mixed very well on the truck:

The skid steer and tiller were used to mix it up. By the time we were spreading it out on the green, it was mixed evenly so we got to shaping.

The goal for this dirt was to develop a significant back tier big enough for a back pin placement. We were hopeful that we could also develop that signature bowl shape that feeds balls to the pin so nicely. We were going to try our best.

Moving the dirt a pedestrian 15 feet found to be the hardest part. Jeff moved it the best he could with the skid steer but we ended up raking almost all of it into place.

By the time we were done, we had succeeded at developing a sizable second tier with a bowl shaped backstop. The back tier sits up ~14 inches higher then the bottom tier at it’s highest point. Here’s a look:

From eye level:

Was happy to see we shaped the green at the right angle after hiking to the tee box. Really happy with how natural looking it turned out:

We had to give it a try. Here is a short video overview of yesterday’s work. At the end, I hit a shot and try out the backstop. Worked like a charm:

Next on the list is the 5th green. We need likely double the dirt to get that hole dialed in. Next weekend will be a good one!


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