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I was lucky enough to shake off the winter blues and come out to get a peek at Brough Creek National over the past weekend. Ben and I had been attempting to coordinate a drop off of some bunker liner (previously purposed as flower bed weed control), but Mother Nature had been interfering with those plans. Happily, I was able to not only deliver the parts, but hang around help with some landscape maintenance as well.

While I was driving through the Wyandotte Lake roads, I was definitely starting to wonder how a property around here could be conducive to housing a short course. However, when you approach the property, it really doesn’t look like Eastern Kansas. If you are of the notion that Kansas is just flat land, a visit to BCN will disabuse you of that notion quickly. The thing that stood out most was the plateau on the South East corner of the land, and when Ben and Zach walked me through the routing, this was definitely confirmed to be the prime spot.

That is taking nothing away from the rest, as I received a tour of the routing upon arrival and was blown away by the tee for Brough Start. I had seen photos of the hole on the web, but nothing can convey just how much elevation change there is on the first shot, through a chute in the trees, over the creek and down a 20ish foot drop, you have to be dialed in from the jump. Walking the rest of the property, the other feature that absolutely jumps out is the natural punch bowl that will be the complex of 4 green.

After a stroll through the routing, it was on to the actual work, which left me with some sore quads and a gnarly blister. And I didn’t mind at all. Being outside on what was one of the first fine weather days we have had in months was incredible. The majority of the work was done from the Redan green complex, the plateau that first stuck out to me when I pulled into the ‘parking lot.’ It really is an incredible feature on the property, and will make for some very interesting play.

Shooting the breeze with the guys about golf, golf trips, and dumb golf things on Instagram was a great time. As I was getting ready to head out we hit some shots from the driveway to the original Road hole green. If those strokes are any indication precision will be key when BCN is up and running. I’m even more excited for the BCN project now that I have been out there and seen it with my own eyes, these guys have an amazing vision, and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

Parker Corrin

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