Build Blog – March 25, 2019

Great weekend out at BCN. Logged 27 hours of work.

Kicked off the weekend on Thursday with the big guns:

Worked a little more on the bridge but mostly did some grading to fix the ruts that were made when the bridge was built initially. Picked out a few hardwoods for milling as well.

Slowly but surely, we are getting the entire property raked. Worked on the area between 2 fairway and 3 green.


4 loads later:

Lucky enough to have an awesome sunset for once. BCN was glowing Thursday night:

Job Fickett came out all the way from Jacksonville, FL for the start of the fires on Friday night. Ended up being a long night with many beers drank.

We focused most of our energy burning the pile behind 3 green. Got real hot around 9 PM:

We were expecting rain Saturday afternoon so we got out there bright and early to keep the fire going. That’s the Super on the tractor deep in the smoke pushing the pile together. Thank you for your service!
While tending the fire, we got to work clearing out the creek bed below the 7th tee box.

Started out pretty gnarly:

Job Fickett with the candid pic mid session among the smoke:

So much better now. We are going to keep this area natural and not worry about maintaining grass:

Ended up burning the fire down quite a bit. It’s still smoking two days later.

We have officially moved on from tree and brush clean up. We got out there and outlined the green concepts and played the routing a few times with folks that stopped by. Had an absolute blast.

Was nice to sit back with a few beers and reflect on all the work as the fire burned. The reality of all this is getting closer and closer. The work doesn’t stop, but we have accomplished phase one of this journey.


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