Build Blog – March 18, 2019

We have officially made it beyond phase one. Tree removal is officially complete. Entering phase 2, raking and stick pick up, we logged 16 hours of unrewarding work.

We were lucky enough to have local member, Parker Corrin, come out and help on Saturday. Started out tearing apart a few downed trees:

Took down the last tree protecting the uphill Redan hole #6. This hole is going to be so fun:

Stayed at the Redan hole for a few more hours raking, picking up sticks and preparing for soil manipulation. Here are a few pictures showing the natural slope.

From #7 tee:

From the front left:

Directly behind the green in line with the tee. Hopefully you can see the slope:

Popped down to 5 green/6 tee area to check out the situation. Keep in mind, this are was overrun with vines. What we found was not all that nice. The entire terrain is covered in 3 inches of leaves, sticks and other natural material. Sick!:

5 green before:

10 UTV truck loads later:

Did I mention this is unrewarding work? Sheesh.

Got to working on the grass bunker that will sit to the far left of 5 green in a natural impression. This marks the first time actually working and shaping the ground. Exciting for sure:


During. Yes it’s all rock…:


Uncovered this rotten, hollow stump. Thinking about keeping it until it completely rots out. Adds character:

BCN looking cute:

Finished the weekend working on the shared 1 and 7 green. Again, picking up sticks and raking. Nothing I’d be able to show in pictures but necessary none the less. @BCNSuper took the UTV out and did some donuts to rip up the turf and flatten out the ruts the skid steer made last week during the bridge building process.

Now what? Gotta keep hitting the raking and stick pick up hard for the next two weeks. We absolutely have to burn these piles sometime before mid April. Some of the wood is still wet and the rain isn’t helpful. At some point, we have to force the issue. Luckily, the green complexes and tee boxes are free and clear. Will be outlining complexes and tees preparing for pre-sod aeration this upcoming weekend which is very exciting.


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