Claiming the Course Record at BCN

By Rob Lippold Member #215 


To piggyback on the previous update, I wanted to share my experience with the crew. As mentioned, I finally got out to BCN yesterday, and what a time for the first visit. The Boys of Brough Creek (band name trademark pending) had the tree clearing to a point where we were able to play all 7 holes for the first time.

You know, typing that out, and considering how much work went in to getting to this point… it just made me realize how monumental that sentence is! Huge congratulations are in order to Ben and Zach. It’s an incredible accomplishment as is. And yes, I am now tied for the course record; thank you for asking. I shot a 7 (we couldn’t putt).

Fine, it’s unofficial. Won’t stop me from editing my resume, though.

First post-round thoughts that came to mind? Holy $h*+&;!#. I am for certain this write-up won’t be able to adequately tell you how intriguing, fun, and unique this course is/will be, but as a poor attempt, this backyard was made for interesting golf. Ben and I kept talking about how many crazy features this relatively small tract of land has, and how fortunate it is those are on this property. For instance, the creek that provides the main feature for the course runs in front of the neighbors’ houses in a boring, straight line. That is… until it gets to Zach’s house, where it turns 90 degrees and meanders randomly through the property. There are ridges, slopes and cliffs (seriously!) utilized to their fullest extent that make this short course playable, playable again, and playable after that. I can imagine an infinite number of actions and reactions to shots by all types of players out there. The space is equally perfect for golf and high school keggers, and now that I’m a ways off from reliving my glory days, I’m thankful they chose the former.

Favorite moment came when shots from Zach and I hit a tree on number 7. There was talk of keeping it to protect the iconic barn (probably necessary), but ultimately it was agreed upon that it needed to come down. How’s that for valuing shot varieties over potential property damage? So, they grabbed the chainsaws and took it down… immediately. It should be clear from this project, but to reinforce it, these guys don’t eff around.

My humble suggestion after thinking about the project more: continue the punny hole names. I’ll offer up Cold Beer-itz for #4, and Philanthroper RedAnn for #6, to follow the previously named Brough Start (#1).

I don’t know if any of this information will be revelatory if you’ve been following the project closely, but maybe a post-apocalyptic-winter perspective from a new, in-person witness will help continue the momentum. For the KC locals, it’d be great to help these guys out with the stick pick-up when they’re ready, and if you can.

Thanks again, Ben and Zach. Looking forward to more progress, and utilizing my membership to its fullest extent.

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