Build Blog – March 11, 2019

We are so back… Had the saws running and logged 17 hours out at BCN this weekend.

There is only 1 tree now standing in the way of being completely open and clear. We finished clearing 7 tee on Sunday.

This is what we were looking at before the weekend:

And now:

Golf shots were hit. Confirmed – it’s a fun shot.

Did a lot of picking up sticks and clearing low hanging brush. Can finally see clearly across the creek to the 7th green:

Looking back up at the Mesa that houses 6 green and 7 tee. Such an interesting geological feature:

So many sticks laying around. Going to take a few weekend of work just to pick up sticks. Will need a KC all hands on deck stick picking party to knock this out.

Cleared out all the brush from the run up to 1 green. Took down a few more trees around the green – mostly for turf conditions and sunlight. Look how muddy it was on Saturday:

Darren and his lady even stopped by. Of course, Darren want’s some of the hardwoods we dropped this weekend. Such a picky outdoors-man!

Rob Lippold – a proud KC based BCN member came out and spent some time with us yesterday. We were lucky enough to finally play the routing! Very upbeat after knocking it around.

So what’s next? Luckily the momentum will continue today and throughout the week. Our friends from Arboles are back this morning and working on the land bridge. That will be a game changer when complete. We are in need of some decent weather. The mud makes everything twice as long to complete. Nice sunny day today but 3 days straight of rain to follow. Hopefully the frost layer is melted now and won’t add to the mess. Next weekend looks good and we will be out there cleaning up. So much clean up left to do! Planting season is right around the corner and I’m hopeful we will be ready.

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