Build Blog – March 6, 2019

We cheated.

Our friends Arboles came out and helped us take down the precarious trees we were frankly terrified of.

This tree was totally dead and 4 feet in diameter. It was leaning hard into the Sycamore tree that we really wanted to keep. Had we attempted this one, the Sycamore would have been knocked over or worse yet, the dead tree would get hung up and cause all sorts of problems. Anyways, Betty is down and we don’t miss her!

Moving up the slope to 6-green, we had to get this duo taken out as well:

Much better:

I was very unsure that we would have hole 7 open and available for play this year. This trifecta of biggins were blocking the green and positioned just so that if they fell incorrectly, they would rip through the barn.


Also got the stump grinding taken care of:

We asked our friends at Arboles to pile up the downed trees in the middle of the field again. Looks like we have another semi-truck sized pile of wood we need to burn. This is secretly the most important thing that was done yesterday. All of the green complexes are now free and clear of timber allowing us to shift focus to preparing soil and shaping greens. I was getting very nervous about when we would have a chance to burn these piles!

From barn looking at 3 green, 4 tee, 6 green and 7 tee:

From in front of 3 green looking at run up to 7 green now open:

Two 100 ft cottonwood trees that will stay:

Lot’s of clean up to do! These machines make a mess – especially on the muddy semi-thawed ground. Our friend at Arboles will be out there again today finishing up. Happy to report we did not have to dip into the fundraiser for this as a very kind individual sponsored this work.

Huge progress! Couldn’t be more excited.


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