Funding the Fun at BCN – Patrick McSpadden

Spend a few minutes in the “Golf Twitter” universe and you will find numerous discussions concerning the current state of the game, the revolution in golf architecture, and why we all play this great game in the first place.

Many of those conversations will include descriptions of the now numerous short courses popping up at destination locations such as Pinehurst, Sand Valley, and Streamsong (down the road –  The Buck Club). I found, or better put, stumbled upon Brough Creek National (BCN) in such a Twitter thread and now I am dreaming about a course that technically does not even exist.

I know, like many other members, this is a strange but simultaneously exhilarating feeling – a feeling that for me personally, revolves around the concept of fun as it relates to this game. A game that 99.9% of players will never play at the professional level but will play for most of if not their entire lives.

As the funding campaign continues for BCN, let me spend a few moments pondering what I define as fun on the golf course and how BCN aspires to provide a playground for all members regardless of age or skill level.

For member #94, I find fun on the course when enjoying rounds with friends or strangers at venues stripped of most everything we’ve been told is required for golf. Venues that remain accessible, affordable, and offer options for short loops / short courses. This type of golf involves walking, music, unique formats, removal of unnecessary “perks”, and most importantly a focus on camaraderie and competition.

The new crop of short courses mentioned earlier, do all of these things and BCN brings all of that plus a handmade focus. A place every member can truly call their own. A place where fun is the focus.

In danger of sounding like the NPR membership drive, the team at BCN needs your help now to make this dream a reality. The fundraising amount is now just over $6K. Let’s all make a collective push to reach the ultimate goal of $10K. Hope to see everyone soon on the tee at #1 aka “Brough Start”.

Patrick J. McSpadden, Member #94

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