Build Blog – January 7, 2018

With temps in the 60’s, we logged 34 man hours this weekend out at BCN. Happy to have the saw Paul Hughes (Member #14) donated – was very helpful.

The biggest focus was opening up the new hole 1 tee and working on the hole 1 and 7 shared green complex.

Here are a few before shots:

New tee views

From green looking at tee:

Close up from the tee box with back right flag (front right from 7):

Close up looking back at the tee from the green:

We cleared out all the underbrush and dead trees that outline the large shared green. Used the lawn roller Landon Peterson (Member #36) donated to flatten the muddy areas. Also got some paint down to better visualize the green.



The green will be a bit of a horseshoe with some unpinnable areas creeping up the hill dictating many shots into this green and adding fun to the hole. Here is what a back left pin (front pin for 1) will look like from 7 as well as the deception bunker in orange a good 25 yards from the tee:

We spent some time doing clean up around 6 green/7 tee box. We peeled back another layer of trees exposing the Mesa where 4 tee, 6 green and 7 tee box sit.

Grove of trees that saw the saw.



New view from 7 tee (not looking forward to taking down that big hanging tree):

Zoomed in at the green complex from 7 tee. You can faintly see the deception bunker:

Since it was so warm, the ground was an absolute mess. Super muddy making it hard to simply walk. We have a few more trees to take down that will require either drier conditions or another freeze to stabilize the ground. Next weekends weather is looking good. Hopefully we can sneak in yet another winter work day.

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