Ethos Course Feature – Woodchuck Golf, Waitsfield, Vermont

By Corbin Mihelic – @CorbonzoSGB

Nestled deep within the mountains of central Vermont lies a little six-hole golf course with a backstory that might sound familiar to those who have been following our journey at Some Guy’s Backyard.

Founded in 2004, Woodchuck Golf lightheartedly brands itself as “the most demanding course in Waitsfield, Vermont.” With an alleged course record of 22 (+2), Woodchuck is made up of four par 3s and two par 4s ranging from 104 to 290 yards. It’s even a member of the Vermont Golf Association.

“I blame it all on a friend. Sitting on the patio he suggested that it would be fun to pitch a golf shot over the pond onto the knoll. I made the mistake of asking where to hit to next? We walked around and located six interesting “holes.” The first year the “holes” were 6 cedar posts and the lawn mower set as low as it would go. During the summer I kept track of where my friend hit his safety balls. I got my revenge by installing bunkers on some of his landing zones.”

Most importantly, a round at Woodchuck is 100% free of charge (just like BCN). The only thing owner Spencer Potter asks is that you request a tee time online and bring a donation for the Valley Food Bank to the first tee.

“I tell friends that if you think the course needs something just go ahead and do it,” he said. “I have come home to find a new bridge across the ditch, yardage signs, tee box markers, ball washer, etc.”

Mr. Potter has even taken the community approach to the next level by using the course to give back. Over the years, Woodchuck has hosted several charity tournaments, junior clinics and fundraising drives to benefit his local community in Vermont.

And while we might question the decision to add a flower bed to the course earlier this year, it’s his property after all and there’s no denying that he can do about whatever he wants. So keep doing your thing, Mr. Potter, and cheers to all the hard work you and your friends have put into this project.

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