Build Blog – December 29, 2018

Interesting 24 hours for me. Kicked things off yesterday with a wee shoulder surgery. Obviously over promised with a Build Blog as I’ve been sleeping on an off from the meds and now writing this at 4:30AM.

I’ve had a nagging issue since 2016 with my left shoulder. ~25 dislocations and 2 surgeries later, finally hopeful the shoulder will be living under par by March 1. Will be minimal on-site work until then for me, but the boyz will keep stuff moving. Realistically, we only have 2 days of cutting and clean up left before spring! Should be no problem to knock out by the first thaw.

Got out twice this past week for a few solo missions as my partners (losers?) decided to work the holidays.

Was a super wet day due to a massive storm system rolling through the Midwest. Luckily, the temp stayed up. Jordan Poland (member #46) came out with his Father in Law to check the place out. We walked and talked through all the holes. Even got to take a few swings. Pretty sure Jordan ruined a pair of shoes and spiked his foot with a locust thorn. Why Jordan was out there on a construction site with moccasins on, we shall never know haha.

Built a small rock bridge and picked up some downed trees. Rode around on the new utility vehicle we picked up over the holidays. It has a dump bed, turf mode so it doesn’t rip up the grass, and all the pulling power we will need.

Best believe we slapped a few BCN stickers on this bad boy first thing:


Did some additional clean up work between 1 tee and 2 green. Logged a solid 3.5 hours. Shocking how much of a difference this made.


Three hours later:

Pumped up on the visuals and layers this opened up. Walking up the first, you will now have a perfect view of 2 green, 3 tee, 6 tee, and 5 green!

Here are some additional snaps:

Was told on Twitter that this pic looked very “golfy”. Couldn’t agree more:

It’s wild how opening up the creek completely has added so much intrigue to what was a fairly benign first hole. The green now looks like it is floating with the creek directly behind it and to the left – almost looking like an island green. With the work on Thursday, it now feels like you are hitting over the fat corner of the creek which adds another layer to the hole.

The holes just seem harder and more intimidating with the creek visible. Luckily, the course is designed to have huge bail outs for players that hit the whipey fade.

We finally got the re-up on ball marks. Paul Hughes (member #14) hooked it up fat with incredibly sharp stickers. We pounded out a solid 50 new member packets, so look out for those if you have yet to receive yours.

The station:



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