Build Blog – December 17, 2018

We had a full weekend on-site. Started out cleaning the clubhouse Friday evening:

As is the mark of all good work days, our buddy Darren showed up. Nothing like a few heaters and a half dozen Bud heavies to start the day. Time stamp 9:00AM:

No mountain man is complete without his noble steed:

Colton Craig came out on Saturday to check out the site. He is a Landscape Architecture graduate from Oklahoma State and currently a design associate for Tripp Davis and Associates. He came across BCN on Twitter and he called the main line as he thought this was a full-sized 18 hole course project. We quickly shared the story and he still drove the 5 hours each way and spent the entire day on site. Really cool having him out there.

We started out working on 6 tee box. Here is the before (yes someone is hiding in those trees):


This opened up 10 yards behind 5 green and multiple teeing options for hole 6.

We then walked the course thoroughly with Colton and chatted about some ideas. He was enamored with the 6th hole and we put some paint on the ground to get a better visual. Colton had the idea of putting a deceptive bunker on the kicker 25 yards in front of the 6th green:

We liked the idea so much we decided to say screw it an we cut out all of hole 6. Here is what we went through:

The tree graveyard after:

Here is a look at 2 green with all the damage:
As you can imagine, we were all very sore and tired after Saturday’s full day of work but we got back out there for another 3.5 hours. We worked near the road side opening up views of the property as you role in:
The view from what will be the 4th green. 1 sole 100 foot cottonwood remains:
From other side of the creek:
Potentially the most viney place in all of the world:
The Road Hole #1 now looks like it is floating from the tee with the creek now visible behind the hole:
Last but not least, we have found a 7th hole. This may actually be the first hole. As you step right off the front porch of the property, you can begin your round hitting down a steep 25 foot cliff to the shared 6th green. You heard that right. 7 holes, 6 greens. For those with a strong imagination, here is a look:

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