Build Blog – December 10, 2018

Yesterday was a good day out at BCN. We had 6 guys out there and logged 16 combined hours of work – even a few members came out to lend a hand. Temps were hovering around freezing all day but the sun was shining and the blades were sharp.

As always, we started the day prepping in the Clubhouse:

We started out by tackling this brush area between 2 green and 1 tee:

From 2 green with our beautiful clubhouse in the background:

There are plenty of big trees, but this is a good example of what we have been fighting through on the entire property:

Low lying brush, vines, and dead, rotting limbs everywhere. We ended up getting it completely cleared out – trees and all. We are keeping the two 100ft Cottonwoods that line the property. Not in play at all. This what the scene looks like this AM:

We cleared all the small stuff off the ridge behind 2 green and below 3 tee/5 green. We’ve got 6 medium to large trees on the ridge left to be taken down. Once this is done, we will have 5 playable golf holes opened up.

Here is a shot of what 2 green looked like once we finally broke across the creek:

Here is what it looks like after yesterday:

We tried to light up the fires but everything is still too wet from the recent snow. We’ve now got another very large pile to deal with. This was before we fell a dozen more trees on the pile:

If we keep getting nice weekend days and lots of help, having all 6 holes for next year is very much a possibility.

What we are most excited about is the video content we got. A BCN member came out and captured the entire day on video including hole flyovers and much more. He had the drone spinning all day. Much more coming:

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