Ethos Course Feature – Cavendish Golf Course, Lanai City, HI

An eloquent 1-star review from a popular travel website introduces Cavendish Golf Course beautifully:

“This quirky par-36, 9-hole public course lacks not only a clubhouse and club pros, but also tee times, scorecards, and club rentals. To play, just show up, put a donation into the little wooden box next to the first tee, and hit away. The 3,071-yard, E. B. Cavendish–designed course was built by the Dole plantation in 1947 for its employees. The greens are a bit bumpy, but the views of Lanai are great and the temperatures usually quite mild.”

Cavendish Golf Course is situated on the small 3,000-person Hawaiian resort island of Lanai. The course is city-owned and maintained by the local resort grounds crew. There are no fairways or tee boxes and playing conditions are dictated by the weather – one review even describes mistaking the course for a field.

Open playing conditions allow the option to create alternate holes with the ability to stretch the course out to 6,600 yards (imagination required). You will rarely see other groups walking the hilly, tropical landscape, so the only spoiler to a perfect golf day are made-up expectations poking at why Cavendish isn’t “real” golf.

There is so much that is right about Cavendish Golf Course. Visitors can play a Hawaiian course with spectacular island views for FREE. Community and visitor donations keep the course running in just-good-enough condition for fun. There are so many comparisons between Cavendish and what Brough Creek National aims to be, especially when it comes to the quirks.

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