Build Blog – November 18, 2018

Got out for a solid 4 hour work day this weekend. We worked on the ridge behind hole #2 to open up the airflow and provide more sunlight to that green area. We took down around 7 trees – some larger than others. Also got all the sticks, leaves, and other debris off 2 green area. Takes longer than it sounds!



This also got us our first true look at three tee shot. The green will be between the station wagon and blue truck. Pole barn is less in the way than it looks:

We plan to have the entire ridge taken down here in the next few weeks. Thanksgiving weekend should give me an opportunity to pop out there for a day or two of work if the weather holds up.

Got the skid steer up and running and over to BCN. This will be a game changer if this 1960’s beast can stay with us for ~10 hours of work:

We had a few visitors stop by. Really excited for everyone to meet the neighbor, Darren. Dude has lived on this land for 40 years. He has my head in a tizzy as he told me we could build holes on this 20 acre valley he owns “as long as I can still ride my 4-wheeler through it”. Video coming later this week of this character:

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