Build Blog – November 5, 2018

Got out to BCN twice this weekend. Did some additional scoping of the land and got eyes on what it’ll take to open up a few more holes. Also played on it for a few hours which was sick.

Burned a few piles of sticks and got this shot hitting to the Road Hole.

Really excited about a few of the holes we have planned that aren’t opened up yet. After getting some boots on the ground and seeing what needs to be done now that the leaves have fallen, holes 3, 4, and 5 should easily be opened by next spring.

Hole 6 green is open and ready to go, but the approach is heavily guarded by trees. May have to wait another season to open that up. Solid 15 full grown trees in the way from making that a reality.

Here is the tee for hole #3 – Biarritz Punch Bowl. The green site is perfect for a natural punch bowl as you can see the natural slope curling around in the photo.

Pleasantly surprised by how few large trees are in the way for 4 green and 5 tee. This may take some visualization (sorry not a pro photographer), but the goal for 5 green is to have a severe uphill shot where you can just see the top of the flag. Think #11 at Shinnecock hills. Pic for reference:

The two dudes are where the green will be for #5. This is taken from roughly where the green site for #4 will be.

This is from #5 green looking down the steep slope (don’t miss short, stairs will need to be installed). #5 tee and #4 green will be in the low spot on the top side of the picture.

We just got this weed whacker device that has a circular blade attached to it. Basically it destroys any tree under 4 inches in diameter. Should save us a lot of time clearing all the under brush around these new holes. Thanks Dad.

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