Build Blog – October 24, 2018

Unfortunately, I did not win the Mega Millions last night. I’ve been working up a master plan to execute after I won. Here was the idea for a playable 6-hole routing.

#1: Road Hole, 115 yds. Slight uphill shot to a large green.
#2: Redan Hole (Shoreacres), 88 yds – 70 to front of green, 92 to back of green. Slightly elevated tee
#3: Biarritz Hole (Chicago Golf). 78 yds – 63 to front, 89 to back. Significantly elevated tee.
#4: Creek Hole (#15 ANGC). 97 yds. False front sloping to the creek.
#5: Hells Half Acre (Pine Valley). 85 yds. Hitting to a blind green with a significant slope. Here is a bad picture showing the natural slope. It is roughly 20 feet higher from the low area by the creek and where 5 tee would be. 3 tee and 5 green location shown.

#6: Don’t go long hole (Sawgrass). 102 yds. Creek hugging the right and back right side of the green. Green in lowest part of the property, tee at the highest.

All trees on the property besides a select 4 trees would be taken down. Zoysia grass installed throughout the entire property (think ANGC around 9 and 18 green, 10 tee) No rough anywhere and loosely defined teeing grounds. Legit greens installed. Creek cleaned up, but left natural. Fescue grass planted on the slope behind 2 green (Redan) up to where Devils Half Acre would be. Large privacy trees installed down the entire right side of the property line (South side). 8 foot brick wall installed right by the road on the West side of the the property (mostly built to stop bad shots going into the road and to install lights/not bother neighbors). Stadium lights installed so you can play during the night. Maintained by a grass cutting robot.

3 loops is 18 holes. Variable tee boxes installed throughout.

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