Build Blog – August 20, 2018

Had a huge weekend with tons of progress – the blisters on my hands tell the story. As we began working on what we would consider “finishing touches” preparing for seed, we realized the course would not be fully playable this year no matter what we do – the turf just isn’t going to be playable until next spring. Due to that realization, we decided to work on some things that were more in the long-term view. We cleared out all the trees along the creek (9 full sized trees) opening up the Road Hole green to lots more sun and wind movement (foreshadowing for building a real green). An unintended consequence of this was that we actual opened up visuals of the most incredible trees on the property. We now have 4, 100 foot tall cottonwoods with very high canopies outlining the property. We also opened up view of an amazing tree with white bark (sorry not an arborist) that looks like something out of an African safari.

A view of two of the huge Cottonwoods framing the Golden Bell hole:

The safari tree:

Here is a before and after finishing clearing out the creek by the Golden Bell hole:

So much more room!:

Here is a before and after clearing the creek by the Road Hole:

After the clearing:

Here is another of the dry creek that is now totally cleared for 80% of the property:

We still have a little bit of low lying brush we need to take out. This will make maintenance so much easier then before as we will be able to spray weed killer a few times a year and mow right up to the creek edge. Assuming a lot more balls will find their way into the creek now.

We completed the bunker. Installed 1.5 tons of “Brick Sand” into the bunker. It filled it up completely (6 to 8 inches deep) but expect it to pack down quite a bit once some rain hits it. Sure isn’t a pot bunker anymore!

A few more pics for your viewing pleasure:

One of the four cottonwoods outlining the property. May be able to get a third green on the other side of the creek with this tree as the backdrop. More to come on this:

All this work has left us with yet another heaping pile of sticks and logs that need to be burned. This sets things back quite a bit for seed, but should have time in the next week or two to get this pile taken care of. Came across a rake for the tractor, so will be able to rake up any leftovers on the property and prepare it for seeds fairly quickly. Hope to seed by mid September or first of October at the absolute latest.

Big plans to clear out the rest of the creek this year and have it ready for easy maintenance for next year. After that, we have raking and seed and we will be done for the year. Easier said then done, but man it has been fun!

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