Build Blog – August 14, 2018

I’ve been using my weekends to play some tournaments and did some travel with my father this past weekend at The Prairie Club – so good.

Haven’t made huge progress, but enough to update.

The barn was cleaned out and ready to be a full on clubhouse. Got a new beer fridge, hung up some golf paraphernalia, cleaned out all the crap. Have an old couch we brought down.

Had a few logs left over that a neighbor asked to set aside for them. They finally came and picked them up. Finally do not have any downed logs on the property anymore!

This week will be a huge push getting ready for seed. We finally got some rain here in the Midwest which will allow us to have the final burn of all the left overs that have been raked up. Once that is done, we will spread out the remaining ash across the turf area, get another rake on it, and lay seed throughout the entire property. Plan to be ready for seed by the end of this upcoming weekend.

The Road Hole bunker has grassed over due to neglect. Plan to get that all cleaned out, lined, and get some sand in it. Really want to have that done by this fall so we can at least play something this year.

Other then that, going to be doing some general clean up. If we are feeling up to it, may drop another tree or two. The whole crew should be out to help, so expect to have some serious updates next week.

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