Build Blog – July 27, 2018

Not quite two-week update:

Found an old flag and hit some shots to the new green area yesterday. Two distinct angels/flags changed the straight away shot from 71 yards to 80 yards for reference.

Right side flag. You can see turf conditions are less than ideal.

Same flag position. Dry creek.

Different angle. Still have so much clean up left.

Few others from up close.

All the vegetation on the hill behind and to the right side of my buddy in this picture will be taken down this weekend. Going to keep the trees behind there for now as the canopy outlines the hole rather impressively and is not in play. The slope and vegetation on it, however, is very much in play. For overall playability, going to keep it manicured with a mower. We do have the option of some bunkering on/around the slope. Any yay or nays on that idea?

This has been quite the undertaking and must say, very happy of what we have so far. Hoping by next spring, it will be totally playable. Lots left to do until we get there!

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