Build Blog – July 11, 2018

Man wish I had more to report. We are in the dog days of summer here in the Midwest. Over 95 degrees for the last week and expected to be the same thing the next 7 days. That being said, have been making some strides when we can.

The initial burn pile smoked for 16 days – through torrential downpours and all. Kept throwing debris on it and have basically gotten it down to ash which has been spread out across the main grass area of the property (heard it is great fertilizer – we shall see).

In the most recent picture posted above from the Golden Bell green looking back at the property, you can see a few downed trees on the right side of the picture. Those have been cleaned up and actually made a massive difference prompting a decision to do away with the idea of tee boxes.

Having cleared that area completely, we identified 3 or 4 additional teeing areas that looked great. At that point, we had found upwards of 11 teeing areas. It just made sense to go full woke, focus on growing reasonable turf everywhere, and just throw a ball down wherever you want. This may change once the turf grows in and if we want to have a tournament of sorts.

Another neat discovery after clearing the creek out of debris, overgrowth, and the trees is a natural rock wall – almost like a tiny version of a slate canyon (the property is a part of river bluffs, so no surprise).

The natural land movement of the Golden Bell hole screams of a Redan hole. Cannot decide if any bunkering is even worth it. Will send pics soon to get your guys opinion.

Getting the milled planks for the bridge back this weekend so that construction should be underway in the next week or so.

In process of sourcing bunker sand. More challenging then expected in that options are limited (without traveling 3+ hours).

As always, would love any input or ideas on how to make it better and more fun. Seeking a pin flag/flags for the Golden Bell hole (holes?). Purchased a Mammoth Dunes and Sandbox flags for the Road Hold green. Surprising how many parts go into a legit flag pole.

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