Build Blog – June 25, 2018

Knocked out some not-so-sexy parts of this journey – mainly burning limbs/tree trunks and beginning to clear the field of debris. Did have the opportunity to take out 5 more trees opening up another green area and two new teeing areas. As of now, we have opened up seven teeing areas and two greens (with four distinct pin-able locations).

Here is a look at the aftermath of the initial burn (started Friday night. Picture taken 10:00AM today 6/25):

At times, it feels like we are moving backwards more then forwards (burned up a massive patch of healthy grass, all the leftover ash, more dropped trees, and all the mulch from stump grinding). Beginning to think we won’t be playing in decent conditions until spring next year.

Here is a panorama of the creek we opened up. There is now roughly 25 yards of open creek front. This is where the Golden Bell hole will go as well as multiple tee boxes.

Did you peep those logs nicely stacked in the bottom left hand corner of the panorama? Those are being hauled off next week to be milled into 10 foot long 6″ X 2″s. They will be used to build a bridge crossing the creek. No, it will not be stone or nearly as grand as the Hogan Bridge, but it will (hopefully) look awesome and big enough to get the tractor over the creek.

What’s next?

  • The next 10 days will be used for general clean up. There is still so much debris and downed branches/trees that need to be picked up and burned.
  • We need to figure out what to do with the ashes from the fires – have thoughts of tilling it into the ground and starting from scratch with grass.
  • Continued clean up of the vegetation on the newly established side of the creek. The green areas are open and can be cut with a lawnmower. However, we want #width, so we will continue taking out small bushes and knocking down vegetation. This is mostly so we can find poorly aimed golf shots and play the hole out. Landing on the green or losing your ball as the only options is no fun.
  • Once all of the above is completed, we will be thinking of building bunkers on the newly opened side of the creek. There is a significant, sharp slope behind the Golden Bell green, so a true remake of the hole is a possibility – hold the magnolias.
  • Establishing/Reestablishing turf will be in the making.
  • Building the bridge.
  • Bunker sand install and tee box build.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. This is a work in progress and we are not stuck to anything. Any insight on making it better would be great – a la why I started this thread. Thanks for the interest!

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